Real Fluid Calculator

This model computes the properties of a real fluid whose behavior departs from ideal gas behavior as it is compressed. The gold standard in real fluid equations of state is currently the Helmholtz energy equation of state, advanced by NIST and others via publications and the NIST RefProp software. This model uses the CoolProp libary’s implementation to compute properties for more than 100 fluids.

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Helium pressurant tank

  1. A satellite uses a high-pressure helium pressurant tank Fluid = helium  to maintain pressure in its fuel tank.
  2. If the maximum expected operating pressure of the tank is 6000 psi P.psi = 6000 at room temperature T.c = 20 , then what is the helium density? The model infers a density ρ «ctrl+g» of 57 kg/m³ (among many other properties).